Saturday, June 27, 2015

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. I used vinegar as a rinse agent in my dishwasher 

2. I used my drying rack to dry our clothes when the sun was shining

3. When I did used the dryer I waited until night so it would not heat up the house

4. We ate our leftovers

5. I ran our dishwasher when it was full and at night. Now that there is only 3 of us left at home I can run it every other day instead of everyday :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

Well I am back :) It sure has been awhile since I have been here. We have been in our new house in our new city for about 3 weeks now. More on that later....

1. I bought a new larger drying rack at Costco before we moved. I have used it like crazy this week doing laundry instead of using the dryer 

2. The couple of times I have used the dryer I did so at night and dried my loads all in a row to take advantage of the dryer already being heated up. 

3. I ran our dishwasher with completely full loads and also at night with the heated dry cycle turned off

4. We have cooked on the grill and used the microwave for side dishes instead of using the oven. This has helped keep the house cooler

5. One evening earlier in the week we had a family size packet of BBQ chicken legs for dinner. We ending up with 4 legs for leftovers. A couple nights later I turned them into BBQ chicken wraps for dinner. I love taking leftovers and using them in another way.