Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tie Up Curtains on the Cheap

I have slowly been redecorating our bedroom.  One of the things on the list was curtains for the windows.  We have two windows in our room and of course I am decorating on a budget.  I found a white table cloth at The Mission Mart for about $5 that I thought may work to re-purpose into the curtains.  I also bought some Heat N Bond at Walmart because I am much to lazy to actually sew the curtains myself. 

The first thing I did was cut the table cloth in half.  Since the table cloth is hemmed already on all sides I planned to use the cut raw edge to fold over and make the curtain pocket.  Next I measured how wide I would need to make the pocket in order to fit on the curtain rod.  Then I got out my ironing board and iron and went to work.

Here I am ironing the Heat N Bond on to form the pocket.  It was super easy to use and worked really well!  I did this to both pieces to form the curtains.  Here is what they looked like when the pockets were complete and I put them on the rods.

Next I took some ribbon I already had and measured twice the size of the curtain.  I did not attach the ribbon, I just looped it over the curtain rod that way I could change it if I wanted.  I then tied the curtains up.

Here is what they turned out like!

I estimated I spent about $5 a curtain and they turned out really cute!  One of these days I will get the room finished and take some pictures of the whole room then :)



  1. Cute idea!! I love the white ribbon! Thanks for linking up! :)