Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Monday Post

What a week!  Last week I went and met my new nephew.  I posted previously that my sister and brother in law were adopting through foster care.  The trip it's self was good, but while I was gone Kid # 4 was hospitalized and is still there.  Hopefully he will get to come home in the next day or two.  Dealing with teenagers is hard!  That is really all I am gonna say about that.  But your good thoughts would greatly be appreciated!

My husband did some testing for the job interview that he went on a few weeks ago.  He was told he may hear something about the job sometime this week.  We have our fingers crossed that he is offered a position and that it will be something that we can accept.  In the mean time he is still working his regular job and also the side job doing taxes.  I believe we are on track to pay off my car by the end of the year if not sooner :)

I have no menu plan as of right now.  That is what I will be spending my morning doing.  We are also in the process of switching some rooms around.  So I will work on getting one of the closets cleaned out.  I need to make of trip to Lowe's to get some painting supplies.  One of the rooms we are switching is in desperate need of painting.  So that will be the major project I will be working on for the next couple of weeks.   I will post some pics as I make some progress :)

Hope everyone has a nice Monday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food Waste Friday ....Er Saturday :(

Once again I am late to the game getting this post up.  But I figure better late then not at all :)  Unfortunately, this week when cleaning out a cupboard I found that bugs had gotten into a couple of things! Ugh! 

As you can see it is a half used bag of coconut and pecans.  Ugh I was not happy about this at all!  I totally cleaned that cabinet from top to bottom and relocated several things to the freezer to make sure this didn't happen again!

Once again I am linking up to The Frugal Girl


Friday, February 17, 2012

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. Helped Kid # 5 make her Valentine's for her class using items we already had or that were free

2.  Combined several errands to save on gas

3.  Made homemade chicken stock for soup

4. Used a good Walgreen's coupon to have some picture enlargements made

5. Made a new ironing board cover using items I already owned and a tutorial I found on Pinterest!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what Kid # 5 and I made for her to give her class today.

I got the idea from Pinterest of course :)  They are book marks made from paint chips I picked up here and there when I was at Walmart.  I already had the heart shaped hole punch and ribbon to tie on the ends.  I think they turned out pretty cute!

Today I am finishing up my to do list from yesterday. 

1. House cleaning job

2. Go to Kroger

3. Sweep kitchen floor and vacuum living room.

4. Finish up the chicken stock I made yesterday in the crock pot.

5. Pay Bills
Tonight we are having Chinese take out in celebration of Valentine's Day.  Kid # 1 and Future daughter in law will be joining us.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Monday, February 13, 2012


I have no idea what we will be having for dinner this week.  I really need to take stock of what is in the deep freeze.  I know I need to do a stock up of meat also.  I have several things I hope to accomplish today while everyone is gone.  Here is my to do list:

1.  Go to my house cleaning job   - this got moved tomorrow

2. Go to Walmart

3. Help Kid # 5 finish her Valentines for tomorrow

4. Do the banking

5. Pay Bills

6. Make a run to Kroger's??? This one is a maybe.  I may wait and do that tomorrow

7. Change sheets on my bed

8. Do two loads of laundry

9. Finish project I am working on

10. Vacuum living room and sweep kitchen

Most of these are small tasks so hopefully I can get most of them done! 

My husband has a job interview today.  It would be so very nice if he would get the position! So I am really crossing my fingers about that!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food Waste Friday

I am kinda late to the game on this one :(  Oh well!  As you can see I have no picture which is because I had no food waste this week!!  Woohoo go me!  Earlier in the week I cleaned out the frig of every thing that needed to be used up.  There was some chili and tomato soup that I had made.  I put them in individual containers and froze them.  My husband will then take them out as needed as use them for his lunch at work.  I am hoping to remember to do this more often.  We will see :)


                                                        The Frugal Girl

5 Things I Did that Were Frugal This Week

1.  Stayed home as much as possible.  I haven't been feeling well all week so that was an easy one.

2. Re-portioned several leftovers we had into individual servings and put them in the freezer.  My husband will take these for his lunch at work.

3.  Cooked and ate at home all week

4. I wanted to spurse up my laundry room some so I have shopped my house to do so

5. Made a chart so that I had a visual of how we are doing on the car loan. I used the back of a piece of old poster board instead of buy a new one

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 Random Things

1.  I can't spell!  Sometimes I have to ask my kids how to spell things :)  Thank god for spell check!

2.  I love Mexican food.  I could eat it everyday.

3. I have not worked a "real" job since I was 19.  I have been a stay at home mom/work at home mom every since

4. I am afraid of snakes and other peoples dogs

5.  We have had a pet turtle for 12 years

6.  I do not really like TV and do not turn it on usually all day long

7.  I had a baby when I was 16 yrs old.  He is now almost 23.

8. I drink coffee every single morning unless I have a hangover

9. Tortilla chips and salsa are my favorite snack

10. I love Goodwill and most thrift stores.  I would much rather shop at one of those then any other store.

11.  I regularly stay up to late and regret it in the morning.  I made a deal recently with my husband that we would go to bed by 11:30.

12.  I hate to drive and don't go to nearly as may places as I would like each week because of that.  I guess that is a good thing since it helps keep me from shopping???

13.  The Beatles are my favorite band of all time

14. Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album

15.  I sometimes think about moving some place warmer but I really do love the city I live in

16.  I love all things sparkly and glittery!

17.  Green is my favorite color

18. I have very little carpet in my house

19. I am my husbands 3rd wife and he is my 3rd husband

20.  I can not imagine being married to anyone else

21. I know alot of musicians but I am not one

22. I have a little dog that I love just like my children

23. I feel 25

24.  I worry alot about loosing my teeth.  As in having to get them all pulled even though my dentist a sures me I am no where close to that lol

25. The older I get the more I find myself being judgemental of other people.  I believe this is because I do not want to put up with peoples unnecessary bull shit!

Perfectly Imperfect is having a 25 things linky party so I am linking up!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1.  Cooked and ate dinner at home

2. Completed a few projects that cost very little and I had all the items for

3. Had several stay at home days

4.Combined my errands to save on gas

5. Started documenting my food waste in order to hopefully eliminate most of it

Friday, February 3, 2012

Food Waste Friday

Well here is what I cleaned out of my frig today :(  It wasn't the best day for food waste but wasn't the worst either!

I threw out some leftover french fries, a small piece of corn bread that no one finished and a tiny bit of a head of lettuce.   Sorry not the best quality of picture but you get the idea.  Maybe next week will be better :)  I am gonna link this up to


                                                                  at The Frugal Girl

Random Stuff

Today is pay day.  We have been doing really well at keeping our spending down.  I have $20 left out of my $200 grocery budget from the last pay period which I plan to put aside for goal # 3 which is Kid # 1's wedding expenses.  I am helping with all the flowers.  Plus each one of the other kids are in the wedding party and I will be helping with the clothes etc. for that.  I have decided to earmark any funds leftover from the grocery budget to help with the costs of this goal.

My husband has recently taken on a part time side job doing taxes.  He is also taken on a couple of extra jobs doing book keeping for some small business owners we know.  All funds made from these side jobs will now be going towards Goal # 2 which is to pay off my car.  I am really hoping we will be able to accomplish this by the end of 2012.  As of today we owe $13,768.49.  This is our last major debt besides our house.  So far my husband has made $302.40 this week after taxes which I will be paying directly to the car payment.  We also had and extra $150 to snowflake from our last pay period.  So our snowball is definitely rolling!

The hubs has to dress up and wear a nice shirt and tie for his part time job.  At his full time job he does not have to dress up.  He can just wear jeans and tshirts.  We took $50 and hit up Goodwill.  We ended up getting him 4 pairs of dress pants, 4 dress shirts ( they are Lands End dress shirts which I looked up when we got home and they are $49.50 a piece on the website), 4 ties and a pair of black dress shoes.  I think we did very well and he looks so nice wearing all of it too :)

Today I hope to get some cooking done.  I would like to make some granola, crock pot re fried beans, coffee cake, muffins and some tomato soup.  I would also like to get all the dry ingredients done for waffles on Sunday.  I'll probably go head and mix up a pitcher of powdered milk also.

I have decided to start documenting our food waste and linking up to The Frugal Girl.  Every Friday she documents the food she throws out because it has went bad.  I have decided to also start doing this in hopes of eliminating our food waste.  I have been throwing away to much I think.  Anyway stay tuned for a post showing what I had to throw out this week :(