Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food Waste Friday ....Er Saturday :(

Once again I am late to the game getting this post up.  But I figure better late then not at all :)  Unfortunately, this week when cleaning out a cupboard I found that bugs had gotten into a couple of things! Ugh! 

As you can see it is a half used bag of coconut and pecans.  Ugh I was not happy about this at all!  I totally cleaned that cabinet from top to bottom and relocated several things to the freezer to make sure this didn't happen again!

Once again I am linking up to The Frugal Girl



  1. Too bad about the bugs. I hate it when I find something like that. But it looks like a good week food waste wise.

  2. Nuts of any kind are easy to get bugs in so I always keep these kinds of things in the freezer.