Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 Random Things

1.  I can't spell!  Sometimes I have to ask my kids how to spell things :)  Thank god for spell check!

2.  I love Mexican food.  I could eat it everyday.

3. I have not worked a "real" job since I was 19.  I have been a stay at home mom/work at home mom every since

4. I am afraid of snakes and other peoples dogs

5.  We have had a pet turtle for 12 years

6.  I do not really like TV and do not turn it on usually all day long

7.  I had a baby when I was 16 yrs old.  He is now almost 23.

8. I drink coffee every single morning unless I have a hangover

9. Tortilla chips and salsa are my favorite snack

10. I love Goodwill and most thrift stores.  I would much rather shop at one of those then any other store.

11.  I regularly stay up to late and regret it in the morning.  I made a deal recently with my husband that we would go to bed by 11:30.

12.  I hate to drive and don't go to nearly as may places as I would like each week because of that.  I guess that is a good thing since it helps keep me from shopping???

13.  The Beatles are my favorite band of all time

14. Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album

15.  I sometimes think about moving some place warmer but I really do love the city I live in

16.  I love all things sparkly and glittery!

17.  Green is my favorite color

18. I have very little carpet in my house

19. I am my husbands 3rd wife and he is my 3rd husband

20.  I can not imagine being married to anyone else

21. I know alot of musicians but I am not one

22. I have a little dog that I love just like my children

23. I feel 25

24.  I worry alot about loosing my teeth.  As in having to get them all pulled even though my dentist a sures me I am no where close to that lol

25. The older I get the more I find myself being judgemental of other people.  I believe this is because I do not want to put up with peoples unnecessary bull shit!

Perfectly Imperfect is having a 25 things linky party so I am linking up!


  1. This is exactly the post & linky party I was referring to when I emailed you earlier today! :)

  2. Well great minds think alike! lol That is funny. I emailed you back! Did you get it figured out?