Friday, February 3, 2012

Food Waste Friday

Well here is what I cleaned out of my frig today :(  It wasn't the best day for food waste but wasn't the worst either!

I threw out some leftover french fries, a small piece of corn bread that no one finished and a tiny bit of a head of lettuce.   Sorry not the best quality of picture but you get the idea.  Maybe next week will be better :)  I am gonna link this up to


                                                                  at The Frugal Girl


  1. Good job this week--not much at all. The lettuce looks like the core which is always bitter anyway.

  2. I toast bits of cornbread and toss them in with my homemade bread crumbs or stuffing mix.

  3. CTMOM- I thought about throwing the corn bread in my freezer bread bag to save for bread crumbs but not until after I had already put it in the trash :( Next time!

  4. That is pretty god for a throw away pile.