Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food Waste Friday

I am kinda late to the game on this one :(  Oh well!  As you can see I have no picture which is because I had no food waste this week!!  Woohoo go me!  Earlier in the week I cleaned out the frig of every thing that needed to be used up.  There was some chili and tomato soup that I had made.  I put them in individual containers and froze them.  My husband will then take them out as needed as use them for his lunch at work.  I am hoping to remember to do this more often.  We will see :)


                                                        The Frugal Girl


  1. No food waste is a great thing. I am so glad to be reading everyones blogs again and really need to get back on the horse for posting

  2. Thanks Judy! I have really missed reading your blog! Hope you and everyone in your family are doing well :)