Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Stuff

Today is pay day.  We have been doing really well at keeping our spending down.  I have $20 left out of my $200 grocery budget from the last pay period which I plan to put aside for goal # 3 which is Kid # 1's wedding expenses.  I am helping with all the flowers.  Plus each one of the other kids are in the wedding party and I will be helping with the clothes etc. for that.  I have decided to earmark any funds leftover from the grocery budget to help with the costs of this goal.

My husband has recently taken on a part time side job doing taxes.  He is also taken on a couple of extra jobs doing book keeping for some small business owners we know.  All funds made from these side jobs will now be going towards Goal # 2 which is to pay off my car.  I am really hoping we will be able to accomplish this by the end of 2012.  As of today we owe $13,768.49.  This is our last major debt besides our house.  So far my husband has made $302.40 this week after taxes which I will be paying directly to the car payment.  We also had and extra $150 to snowflake from our last pay period.  So our snowball is definitely rolling!

The hubs has to dress up and wear a nice shirt and tie for his part time job.  At his full time job he does not have to dress up.  He can just wear jeans and tshirts.  We took $50 and hit up Goodwill.  We ended up getting him 4 pairs of dress pants, 4 dress shirts ( they are Lands End dress shirts which I looked up when we got home and they are $49.50 a piece on the website), 4 ties and a pair of black dress shoes.  I think we did very well and he looks so nice wearing all of it too :)

Today I hope to get some cooking done.  I would like to make some granola, crock pot re fried beans, coffee cake, muffins and some tomato soup.  I would also like to get all the dry ingredients done for waffles on Sunday.  I'll probably go head and mix up a pitcher of powdered milk also.

I have decided to start documenting our food waste and linking up to The Frugal Girl.  Every Friday she documents the food she throws out because it has went bad.  I have decided to also start doing this in hopes of eliminating our food waste.  I have been throwing away to much I think.  Anyway stay tuned for a post showing what I had to throw out this week :(


  1. That's great about his part time job and the debt pay down!

  2. Great about the part time job and the shopping at goodwill. My hubby does not dress up either and he trashes his clothes in the woods. But he does wear suits to church and they wear out. So expensive. I really don't foog away, I feed it to my chickens.