Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan

I try to plan our dinners out for two weeks at a time.  My husband is paid every other Thursday.  Usually the Tuesday or Wednesday before pay day, I sit down and plan what we will have for the next two weeks.    Most of the time I plan for 15 or 16 days at a time. That way if I don't get to the grocery store for a few days after pay day we still have our dinners planned out.  I print out a calendar from for the current month and use that to write my dinner plans on.  In the past I was only doing the main course but for this two weeks I decided to also plan side dishes and snacks.  I plan to start doing a baking day once a week but so far that has not happened :(  I also try to plan breakfasts for Saturday's and Sunday's on the weekends that the kids are all home.  We don't eat much cereal so on those days especially we cook breakfast of some sort.  I also try to plan at least a couple crock pot meals to eat on our busiest days.  We also have soup at least once in a two week time frame.

So here is our menu for March 3-17 ( we are leaving for vacation on March 18)

March 3-Chicken Fingers, Leftover Stuffing ( from a previous meal) Green beans
March 4- Pizza Soup ( we did not have this.  It was fairly warm out so we grilled hamburgers instead and I made the Pizza Soup for lunch the next day. This is also made with leftover pizza sauce from another meal)
March 5- Leftover biscuits for breakfast from a previous meal, Stir-Fry and Rice for Dinner
March 6-  Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Biscuits for Breakfast, Leftovers for Dinner
March 7- Pizza Pasta Bake ( made with the last of the pizza sauce.  We got three meals out of one batch of home made sauce) & Green beans
March 8- Chicken Tacos & corn ( crock pot meal)
March 9- Country Cabin Potatoes w/ diced Ham ( new crock pot recipe)
March 10 - Stuffed Green Pepper Soup & Bread
March 11- Porgies
March 12-???? ( most of the kids are gone this weekend so it is up in the air what we will eat)
March 13-Leftovers
March 14-Sub Sandwiches & chips
March 15-Omelette's and Toast
March 16-Quasidillas, Refried beans, Salsa & Sour cream
March 17-Cheese Soup, Bread and Salad  ( Pay Day)

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