Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Goals

I enjoy the idea of setting New Years resolutions each year, even if I fail at keeping them.  I figure it is the thought at least that counts.  It is nice to look them over every once and a while over the course of the year and at least see if I am managing to accomplish any of them.  Sometimes I have a hard time being realistic about the amount of goals I can get done each year.  I try to divide my goals up into categories which helps me keep tack of them better and see which ones might need alittle more work at getting done.

Anyway, this is my list of goals for 2011:


1. Visit more with my girlfriends.  Shoot for once a month.
2. Invite friends over for dinner or out to dinner.  Shoot for every other month.
3. Be more mindful of the amount of time kids are using the computer.
4. Be more mindful of my own computer time.
5. Read with Lilly more
6. Ask for help from everyone in my family more when I am feeling overwhelmed
7. Teach the kids to cook a few basic meals
8. Family movie night once a month
9. Go to the library more
10. Read more books
11. Wiener Roast 2x
12. Camping at least once this year
13. Be more mindful of scheduling my time
14. Make more gifts this year for bday's and Christmas
15. Exercise more


1. Sewing desk for office
2. Shelves for office
3. Closet shelves for office
4. Peg board for office
5. Organize office
6. Downstairs bathroom floor
7. Kitchen Floor
8. make better use of chore notebook
9. organize coupon binder
10. Make a price book
11. Make a household notebook


1. Pay off the balance on windows
2. Save for South Carolina trip
3. Pay extra towards car
4. Sell on eBay
5. Pay cash for downstairs bathroom floor
6. Try to shave $50 a month off grocery budget
7. Save for Christmas
8. Track clothing/shoes purchases for family for the year
9. Pay bills on time
10. Possible bathroom remodel

Well there they are.  After typing them out that seems like alot.  Sometime soon I will post an update on how I am doing with reaching my goals so far :)

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