Friday, September 16, 2011

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. Made a boutonniere for Kid # 3's date for Homecoming. 

2. Bought a Christmas gift for Kid # 5 and saved a bundle by buying used

3. Found some wrought iron patio furniture on craigslist - 9 pieces for $70. Again saving money by buying used :)

4. Made chicken broth from Tuesday nights whole chicken and used it for soup for Thursday nights dinner

5.  Cleaned out Kid # 5's closet and went through all of the boxes of her outgrown clothes.  I have someone interested in buying some of them in the next week or two


  1. Good for you, I wish I could be more frugal. I think I am compared to most people, but my kids call me cheap! :) I don't even care.

  2. Awesome!! It's definitely heading into soup season! :) My kids clothes are now sorted too! Need to donate the smallest clothes though as I have nobody to pass them down to!

  3. Nice work! I love these posts, keep them coming!

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Carla - I normally have to donate mine also or save them for a yard sale. But I got lucky and found someone who is interested in buy them from me. I sold them super cheap though 50 cent a piece :)