Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Good and The Bad!

I set down today and did our banking.  Today is pay day and since I have put together my bill binder it has made my life so much easier.  So while doing the banking I really took a look at our numbers and where we stand as far as debt repayment.  As I posted here we owe on our credit card again.  I just paid a big ole chunk on it this month.  My husband has been working alot of overtime so that has really helped but we still owe around $1000 on it.  I hope to have this paid off by the end of Oct if not before.  I plan to make a much better effort at planning our purchases and keeping an eye on what is being spent.  My husband uses this credit card for some business purposes too.  But he does not always tell me when he makes purchases on it and then I do not have a plan for it.  Alot of times he uses the card to purchase things and then is reimbursed the expenses at a later date.  I need to keep better track of these things.  I also need to make sure when he is reimbursed the money goes where it is suppose too. I plan to try and check the credit card statement once a week to make sure there are no purchases on it that are not accounted for.  Hopefully this well help.

I have to admit I am discouraged by our progress.  I now realize we are not going to meet my goal of being debt free, except our house, by June 2012.  I do however think we could be by December 2012. I am not giving up on my goal of doing it by June though and I am rededicating myself to meeting my goal.  But I am also not gonna be terrible upset if I don't meet it as I now realize that is a possibility.  We will see how it goes.....

On another note, I have an opportunity when I go home in a few weeks,  to visit my Mom, to sell some of Kid# 5s outgrown clothes.  If all goes as planned I should make about $50 on this deal.  I also had an opportunity to buy a used Christmas gift for Kid #5 and spent $60.  This is an electronic item for her and it was a really great deal and she will love it!  So the $50 I will make on her outgrown clothes will be added back into my Christmas fund.  It looks like I will be meeting my goal of having each one of the kids at least one gift bought by the end of September!  Do any of you buy used items and give them as gifts?  I have several times and not one of my kids has ever noticed or if they did they didn't care!  I am trying to keep a tally of how much I have spent so far on Christmas gift.  When I do an update of my Christmas plan I will try to add the tally to it.  I am thinking this will better help me stay on budget.

Anyway hope everyone has a nice day!


  1. Don't be too down on yourself about the later payment date. Just the fact that you are making progress counts. It is hard right now with the economy and all the prices going up.

  2. No matter what the date you still have a goal and eventually you will reach it. Sometimes we just have to change the date a little.

    Good luck on the clothes and the Christmas present


  3. Thank you ladies for your kind comments! I am trying to keep a positive note to all of this. At least we got the credit card paid down pretty fast. Thank god for the overtime my husband has been getting!