Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. Cleaned my refrigerator and deep freezer. Inventoried what food I had on hand.

2. Made a meal plan for the whole month of August.

3. Went grocery shopping with a list and shopped more then one store

4. Used my rain barrel to water all my potted plants

5. Shopped Goodwill and a few yard sales for clothes for Kid #5  who has grown two sizes over the summer.


  1. Well done!! Question... when you make an entire months meal plan, do you shop for the entire month at once? Or base it on what is already in the house? I have a hard enough time planning for a week.. haha!!

  2. I based the meal plan on a majority of what I had already in the house. I had 12 dinners that I could make already in the house and the rest I was only missing one or to ingredients for each meal. I then went and did a big shop. I will still have to shop again probably later in the month to replenish our meal and some produce. This is the first time I have tried planning for the whole month. I will be writing some posts about it as the month progresses to see how it works for us :)