Friday, August 31, 2012

Few Projects I Have Worked On This Summer

Just so you all don't think I spend all my time worrying about food, I thought I would so you a few things I have done over the summer :)

I have slowly been recovering my couch pillows.  They are looking kinda shabby but the fill in them is still good to use.  I have been making simple envelope style pillow covers to place over them.  Here are two that I have made so far.

The first one you can see where the envelope opening it so that I will be able to take these off and wash them.  The second pillow cover I made from two dish towels I bought on clearance.  I love them both!  I have some more material left from the first pillow so I plan to make at least one more of that pattern :)
I also recently made a new cushion for my swing on my patio.  I could never find one that fit correctly.  Last fall I bought all the items using coupons and sales to make the cushion but never followed through on it.  This year I made sure to add it to my to do list!
I have slowly been working on fixing up our patio.  For the last several years we hardly used it.  This summer since I have arranged better seating and added some flowers and things we have used it alot more.  I plan to post before and after pics of it soon :)
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