Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Final Post On April Savings Challenge

I thought today would be a good day to do the final update on my savings challenge since it is the last day of the month.  Here are my goals and how I did this month on them.

1. Increase our ER fund by $226. This will place it right at $2000 and that seems to work for us while we are paying off debt. I am hoping to do this by selling our unwanted items.  As of today I have sold $237 worth of our unwanted items!  So I met this goal and decluttered why I was at it!!!

2. Save for our our dogs rabies shot and tag, 6 months worth of heart worm and flea meds and check up which she will need at the end of May. After I meet goal number 1 I will use any more money I make by selling our stuff to do this. I can't remember exactly what the total for this is so I will have to update this after I look it all up.
*Update: The total I will need for all of this is $187
Since I met my first goal I can apply the $11 extra I made towards this goal.  I plan to continue trying to meet this goal through the month of May since my dog will not have a vet appointment until the end of the month.

3. See what I can cut from the grocery budget. I am hoping to cut at least $100 but I just don't know if that is realistic. I will track my spending here on the blog. Any savings I have at the end of the month will go towards the car.  I haven't added this up yet :(  I think we are under budget but not sure.  Been a busy busy month.

4. Make a decision on what to do about the cable/land line/Internet/cell phones and see what will save us the most money. Any future savings will be added to the car payment.  We started on this goal yesterday but haven't completed it yet.  Yesterday we took Kid #1 and the hubby off our cell phone plan. They both have other options for cell phones now.  Kid #3 and I upgraded our phones and package and plan to split the cost.  This will actually save me about $60 a month.  Later this week I plan to cancel our cable and home phone.  We no longer need these things and it will hopefully save us another $100 or so a month.  I will update about this again after it all happens.

All of this is in preparation to pay off our car as fast as possible.  May will be the first month we make a payment towards the car and hopefully we will have it paid off by September 2014.  We will see. 

Just wanted you all to know I am still here.  My house is for the most part fine and I will post about it soon I hope :)


  1. How is your daughter in law?

    1. Still pregnant and has 9 weeks left to go :)

  2. Great job on selling unwanted stuff. I planned to do all month too but never got to it :(

  3. Oh things are looking up for you. Good I have been worried.

  4. You had a rough month and did pretty good!!! Great job on building that EF back up!! :)

  5. Nice work decluttering & earning extra money!