Sunday, September 1, 2013

Septembers Plan = No/Low Spend Challenge

I am planning in joining Carla on her September no/low Spend Challenge

My main goal this month is to pay cash for a weekend trip we will be taking to Michigan for my best friends wedding.

We will need to pay for two nights in a hotel, meals, gas and any extra activities we do. 

Luckily we have clothes already to wear to the wedding.

I plan to take sandwich items, drinks and sacks with us and hopefully stay at a hotel that offers breakfast.  I think we will get away with only having to eat out one meal per day this way.

I am planning to allot $600 total for this trip.  We are taking Kid # 5 with us so we will do something extra and fun for her since she spent most of her summer in a cast.  This is a mini vacation for us with her.

My first pay check was approximately $250 and I should receive another one before the trip for around the same amount.  Which would bring us to about $500. 

September is our first month with no cable/land line which is saving us about $95 a month.  I will allot that amount for September toward the mini vacation fund also and that will put us pretty close to the goal.

My next goal is to increase our ER fund which is sitting at $974.44.  I am hoping to bump this up to $1200 by the end of the month.

I am going to try to shave $150 off our $400 grocery budget to put towards the ER fund goal.  This might be a lofty goal to try to accomplish but I am gonna try.  I have planned out our menu for the whole month of September.  I will post the menu in another post. 

I then hope to make at least $75 in selling items around the house or some of my crafts to make up the rest of the difference. 

I think this will be good for the month.  Any other savings that we may accomplish will go towards debt repayment.

Here's to a us all having a good month and accomplishing our goals!


  1. Wonderful goals, Melissa! You had a great plan in place! :) Your daughter must be excited for her mini vacation!! Good luck this month!!

    1. Thanks Carla! We are all excited. Hopefully the plan works out!

  2. Good luck on your goals! After you achieve them, you will enjoy your vacation even more :)

    1. Thanks Lena! Good luck with your goals too :)

  3. These are great goals! I think it's amazing to keep your food bill so low!

    1. Thanks Sharon! It is not easy to keep low all the time but I am hoping to do it for awhile