Friday, December 27, 2013

My 2013 Goals-How Did I Do?

 So I thought since it is almost the end of the year I should probably review what my goals for 2013 were.  Here is how I did...

Goals for 2013
I had a whole post wrote out with a long list of goals I hoped to accomplish in 2013.  Honestly, though with my husband getting a new job, that will require a long commute and is for less money, our #1 goal is to continue to live within our means.  - I think we did so so with this. Over the summer we ran up alittle credit card debt but we managed to get it paid off.  So I guess we did ok.

Our #2 goal is to purchase with cash a new to us fuel efficient car.  Hopefully this will happen by mid summer.  We hope to be able to do this by saving, saving, saving!! - We bought a used Pruis in April that we financed.  It has saved us a ton of money in gas.  We are currently working to pay this off as quickly as possible.

Which leads to our #3 goal.....

# 3 - track our spending.  We have gotten lax at this and I know there is some seepage that we need to plug up - I was not so great at this.  I need to do better.

#4- save on groceries.  I plan to do this by meal planning which will include snacks,  cooking ahead as much as I can, using coupons and playing the drug store game and creating a price book. -I didn't even start this.....

#5 - I would like to try one new recipe I have pinned on Pinterest each week. -
I actually did pretty well with this and did post several new recipes.  I tried more then I posted about though.

#6 -  Continue to sell our unwanted items and my craft projects.  Once the car is purchased I hope to transfer this money to a Christmas fund. - I sold $785 in our used\unwanted items this year.  I also sold several craft items. I haven't tallied the totals for those yet but will soon.

#7- Take a good look at our bills and see what it is we can really cut and do 
without. - We cut our land line and our cable saving us $96 a month.  We also got rid of our old car and my hubby's van he used for his side business.  This saved us $80 in insurance costs 

#8 -  Set small monthly goals in order to achieve these yearly goals! - I think I did ok with this.

All in all I think it was an ok year.  I think I did really well in decluttering and making money from that.  I hope to continue that this year.

Now on to figuring out 2014 goals :)

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