Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January No/Low Spend Challenge - Goals

Carla is once again hosting a January Low/No Spend Challenge I knew right away I wanted to participate.  So here are my goals for this Challenge.

1.  Low grocery spending.  Right now I budget $400 for groceries and household items.  I hope to cut this by $100.  I just spent the morning inventorying my deep freeze.  I even made a list of what is in there :)  Next up is my kitchen refrigerator freezer.  Things seem to get lost in both of those places.  Right now I figure I have the main dish for 21 meals from just the deep freeze.  

2. Menu plan to help with #1 goal.  I have gotten away from this with the holidays.  I need to have a plan for our food so it is not wasted and I don't spend more then needed.

3. I am going to shoot for 10 no spend days.  Ideally I would like to really do 15 but I don't know if that is realistic.  I can't think of anything I need to buy other then food but you never know.

4. I would like to try to sell a few unwanted items this month too.  I have a pile of things that just need to go.  I am gonna try to sell them first and if they don't sell then off to Goodwill they go :)

My plan is pretty basic.  Don't spend on anything that we don't need.  With anything we manage to save it will go to beefing up our ER Fund.  

We also could use a new antenna for our tv's.  We have been cable-less for a while now and our old antenna is not doing the job.  So I plan to work it into the budget to get new ones by the end of January. 


  1. Great goals and I need to do exactly the same as you... I'm hoping to sell a few items as well! :) Good luck this month!

  2. Great goals!! Good luck this January :)

  3. Thank you ladies! Good luck to both of you as well!

  4. Good luck, Melissa! We are working on menu planning, too.

  5. Good luck! Non-meal planning and grocery/household item spending are my two biggest money-suckers with our budget. I. MUST. DO. BETTER. :) Happy budgeting everyone!!

  6. Good Luck everyone on meeting all of your goals this month too!