Saturday, January 11, 2014

More Cheap Curtains!

Kid # 5 has been asking for a while to update her room.  She will be 11 this year and feels that her princess'y room is to "babyish" for her.  She is all about the zebra print at the moment.  I ruled out any painting as we did that a few years ago and the treatment to her walls is something she can grow with.  I did however agree to update her curtains and bedding, possibly some accessories too, we will see.

Anyway, I mentioned in an earlier post this week that I had found some zebra print curtains/sheers someone was selling on one of my local facebook sites.  I spent $16 for them.  Here they are off the Walmart site.

As you can see they are floor length and I only got two panels.  But Kid #5 has two windows and she didn't really need floor length ones either.  They would have just gotten in the way.  

So I cut each panel in half.  Took out the seams for the hem and the curtain rod pockets.  Sewed new hems on the sides and bottoms.  Sewed a new curtain rod pockets and I now have 4 panels instead of  just two.

Here is how they turned out.

I think they turned out wonderful.  To buy 4 panels I would have had to pay $7.95 a panel.  So I saved myself some money and just used a little of my time instead.  

Best of all Kid # 5 loves them and that is what matters the most :) 

PS: she to that lamp in the last picture as a Christmas gift from my Mom.  She was thrilled with it too :)


  1. Awesome! They look great, very funky!! :) I love how resourceful you always are!! :)

    1. Thanks Carla! Zebra would have not been my first choice but it is what she wanted so I figured why not :)

  2. Love them!!!! And the pattern looks great!