Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 8-13 of Low/No Spend Challenege

have not been keeping up with posting my updates as well as I would like.  But here is a recap of the last several days :)

Day 8 : I went to work and I drove my daughter to piano lessons.  All planned.  I even wondered around in Goodwill while my daughter was in piano lessons and did not buy a thing!  - No spend day #3 :)

For dinner we had pizza soup and used up leftover pizza sauce and the rest of the pizza toppings from our family Christmas celebration last Saturday.

Day 9: I went to work then later in the evening I took Kid # 5 to a meeting about the school play.  Other then that I didn't spend any money anywhere - No spend day # 4

I can't remember what we had for dinner :(  I will update this when I remember lol!

Day 10:  Was another day I just went to work and then came home.  No spend day # 5 :)

For dinner we usually have snacks on Friday's.  I made a pizza dip using up the last of the pizza sauce!  Woohoo for no waste.  We had other random snack items, cheese and crackers etc.

Day 11: My husband's band played out this night so money was spent.  I have to admit I was not good at keeping track and estimate I spent about $30.  I also seem to be missing what is left of the money I had recieved for Christmas....ugh ugh ugh! I know better then to take a lot of cash with me when I go out like that. Lesson learned there.  I am not counting the missing money as part of my spending since it was "free" money and not out of our budget but still it sucks!

We did eat dinner before we left the house.  We ate leftovers.

Day 12: Hubby ran to the store for some items we were out of.  He spent $32.56.  He made some pancakes for breakfast on Sunday and we had leftovers to add to the freezer so that Kid # 5 can eat them during the school week.

For dinner we ate Super Gyros. $25.56.  We had went to a visitation for a friend whose 4 year old son died of cancer this last week.  We stood in the recieving line for over 2 hours.  It was heart breaking!  So getting take out seemed like a good idea!

Day 13:  I did a lot of running Kid # 5 around.  I also bought Kid # 3 a book for school off facebook but she paid me back so no money really is out of pocket for me.  No spend day # 6.

For dinner we had the last of the baked ravioli, salad, bread and I ate my leftover gyro.

Total spent on groceries so far : $ 104.11
Total spent on random stuff and eating out: 71.56  ( I am not going to count Christmas money spent or gift cards those are things not taken from our budget. Nor would we have bought anything if we didn't have the gift cards or Christmas funds to spend)

Our next pay day is Thursday.  I budget my groceries every two weeks.  Right now I have $95.89 left from the first two weeks of the month.  My goal was to save $100!  I think I am on target :)


  1. You are definitely right on target :)

  2. Ok what is the recipe for pizza dip :) ?????? It sounds good . You are doing great