Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow Day Project

We have had several snow days in January here in the midwest.  This has given me time to work on a few projects that I had bought supplies for but not completed.  I have decided that this is the year that I will finally complete and purge my craft room of supplies I have bought to make certain things with but then never finished or sometimes even started.

Kid # 5 and I were in need of a chart not only for chores but for other things that she needed to get done before bedtime each evening.  

Here is what I created for her:

This is a magnet board made from a old burner cover. I used modge podge to glue scrapbook paper and rick rack on it.  I then made some little cards that I glued magnets on the back of for the "to do" and "done" and the "letter explanation ".  That way if I wanted to use the magnet board for something else in the future they were not permanate.   The letter tiles are old scrabble tiles and each letter represents an item that Kid # 5 must complete before she goes to bed.  

I have hung this in the kitchen so that not only does Kid # 5 have access to it but I also see it regularly though out the evening also and can keep up with what is left to do.

So far it is working well :)

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  1. Love this idea. Just passed it on to my sister. My niece is only 18 months but its never to early to start with easy things. Plus my son is going to try this with his special ed class since some of the kids respond better to charts