Saturday, February 15, 2014

Frugal Valentines Day

We don't usually go all out for Valentine's Day. This year I think we did pretty well staying frugal.

Kid # 5 is still young enough to have Valentine's Day parties at school. In her class they exchange cards and make boxes to use as mailboxes for the card exchange. She is all about Minecraft this year so I found some cards to make on Pinterest and printed them for her from here. She did the rest of the work.

I just had to buy a bag of miniature candy bars for approximately $3, otherwise I had the card stock and green paper. 

For her Valentine box we used an empty cracker box and green construction paper. 

I made some homemade toffee for my hubby for his gift the recipe can be found here . I put it in a cellophane treat bag which I already had and then a Valentine gift bag which I also already had. It turned out wonderful and he loved it. 

My hubby gave me the same thing he has given me for the last 10 years. A love letter he wrote to me. It is my favorite gift and I love getting them! 

He also gave me some candy and some new ear buds for my iPad. 

It was a fantastic and frugal Valentine's Day!

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  1. I too used Pinterest and spent about $8.50 this year on the kids class gifts. $4.50 for some scrapbook paper and $4 for mechanical pencils from Target. I printed up hearts that said, "you are just write" and stuck a pencil in. I would have usually spent 3xs as much with candy and cards and treat bags. Plus they got so much junk food and candy at their parties, I didn't feel like they were missing out not giving candy.