Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Debt Update

Well here we are halfway through the year and it appears we are right on track to pay off our car loan by the end of the year!!  Woohoo!!

The summer months are usually our most expensive so hopefully we will be able to keep those in check.

Right now we are having some work done in our basement shower.  It was not poperly installed and had developed a leak.  We are having it rebuilt and paying cash for the project!  Any money left over from the shower project will be put towards the car loan.

A few days ago I found this printable on Pinterest.  I have it hanging on my frig to help keep us motivated :)

Here is the blog the printable orginally came from, Debt Free Charts , in case you all might want one for yourself.  There are many other printables on the blog too :)

I really need to set down and do a menu plan to help keep the grocery spending in check.  So far we are staying on budget but I think we could probably do better with a plan.

Hopefully the rest of you are doing well this summer too :)

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