Monday, February 8, 2016

My Dave Ramsey Story/ A YouTube Collab

One of the YouTube Vloggers , Jennifer at Path To Debt Freedom who I watch regularly started a collab video on YouTube about other vologgers Dave Ramsey Story.  I don't vlog  but obviously I do have this here ole blog so I thought I would play along that way :)  If you all haven't seen Jennifer's channel you should go check her out.  She shares her families journey to get out of debt, does grocery hauls and menu plans and Dollar Tree hauls also.

Anyway here are the questions she asks:

1. How long have you been doing the Dave Ramsey plan? Well my first post on this blog was March 2011.  At that time we just had a car loan left. We paid that off in September 2012 but in January 2013 my husband got a new position within his company and started driving 3 hours a day.  At that time gas was high and it was costing us a small fortune.  We purchased a new to us car in April 2013 and paid it off in December 2014. Anyway I would say we have been doing the Dave Ramsey plan off and on since 2010 but really got focused in 2013.

2. What Baby Step are you currently working on? (If the Baby Step you are currently working on is 2, please continue with question #3, if not please skip to question #7)
 We are currently on Baby Step 3.

3. What was your total debt when you started Baby Step 2?
In 2013 we had $16,000 in car loan debt

4. What is your total debt now?

5. What estimated date do you expect your Baby Step 2 to be complete, and your debt (excluding your mortgage) to be paid-off?

6. Do you plan on doing a debt-free scream with Dave Ramsey, either on the phone or in person?

7. Did you take a Financial Peace University class either in person or at home, or did you read the Total Money Makeover book, or did you learn about Dave Ramsey online?
 I first learned of Dave Ramsey online reading other peoples blogs.  I have also read The Total Money Makeover twice. When my husband was driving 3 hours a day for work he would listen to him on the radio.

8. Did you do budget prior to learning about Dave Ramsey (whether zero-based, or not)?
 Sort of.  I always have wrote down our bills and had a general idea of what we could spend and have always been thrifty.

9. Have you tried Dave Ramsey’s new free Every Dollar Budgeting website? If yes, what are your thoughts?
 No I have not. I like pencil and a spiral notebook :)

10. Do you consider yourself the free-spirit or nerd of your relationship?
 I am a little of both.  While I do our budgeting and run the day to day aspects of our house I do like to spend money on my kids and household projects.  My husband does all of the long term planning such as for retirement.

11. Are you a hardcore Dave Ramsey follower? Or, have you tweaked/changed some things about the plan? If you have tweaked/changed some things about the plan, please share what and why.
We are not hardcore followers.  For one we did not stop our retirement in order to get out of debt.  We also still took a small trip for my BFF's wedding. 

12. Have you tried any of Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Providers or other products/services he recommends? If yes, please give your feedback.
We interviewed two endorsed realtor's when we were getting ready to sell our house last year. While both of them seemed very nice. One only wanted to list our house for what we ended up getting for it when it sold. So if we would have went with her we would have made a whole lot less on our house.  The other was very nice but just didn't click with us.  We ended up going with a realtor who was not endorsed and we sold our house in 9 days :) 

13. From your experience, do you think this plan works? 
Yes I very much  think this plan can work for anyone at any income level if you follow the plan.

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