Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Musings...

School started last week so I am once again home alone during the day.

 The weather is suppose to be much cooler this week.  I really really need to get some yard work done.  I do not enjoy doing yard work at all so I have to talk myself into doing it most of the time.

Currently it is about 10 am. I have a load of laundry done and hung outside on my drying racks.  I am hoping to get at least one more done today.

I need to sit down and menu plan and work on our budget.  I am not feeling to motivated to do either!  I do at least know what we will be having for dinner tonight :)

I have about 5 or 6 items I need to get listed on ebay also. My goal with my ebay sales is to make enough to buy both of our cars new tires.  It is not a need just yet but it will be soon.  That is just my first mini goal and then I hope to build on it from there.

I have been applying to some part time Nanny jobs on  So far I have not had any response to ones I am truly interested in.  I figure eventfully the right job will come along that will work for our family.  In the mean time I will just keep doing what I am doing :)

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