Monday, October 3, 2016

It's October Already...Say What!?

This year has just flown right by hasn't it?  For several years I have tried to write every day in October.  I had intentions of doing the same this year but as you can see it is now the 3rd of October and I am just now writing my first post. I may keep at it for the rest of the month though, we will see.

So what has been happening of right now we are getting to stay in our new city and my husband still has a job with the railroad.  Great news huh? It was a big relief when we got that news.  So now let the house projects begin :)

We recently found out that Kid #5 has a chance to take a trip with her classmates to Washington DC next summer.  This will cost us $2,000.  At first I was not happy about it and not planning to let her go.  It is not really in our budget and it is a lot of money for a 13 yr old.  We have sense decided that she can probably go and we will be doing several things to fund this trip with her helping of course.  First up is a yard sale before it gets to cold.  That is our project for this week, getting everything priced and ready to go, she is going to help of course with every part of the yard sale!

I am hoping to add $4,000 to our Babystep 3 before the end of the year.  We previously had decided we had completed Babystep 3 but then we had the job loss scare and so have since decided to add to it a little bit. 

Anyway, this is where we are at at the moment.  Hope you all are doing well.


  1. I think these trips are important if you can afford them.

    1. We are hoping to be able to work it into the budget! I also think it will be a good experience for her :)