Friday, November 18, 2011

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. Got a hair cut from my BFF's daughter who just graduated beauty school.

2.  Colored my hair myself :)

3. Bought another Christmas gift with my Swagbucks!

4. Made a Christmas gift using supplies I already had.

5. Kept the heat off for a few days that we had some warm weather this week.


  1. You are always cashing in your Swagbucks! I love it :) I just cashed some of mine in for 2 $5 Starbucks cards to use as gifts too :)

  2. I just started cashing my Swagbucks the last few months. I had saved them all year to use for Christmas :) I am hoping to be able to cash in one more time before Christmas gets here to get one more gift. It has really helped me this year!