Monday, July 16, 2012

Frugal Watering

My husband recently made this for me

This is my new rain barrel!  I don't know why I have never had one before.  It is awesome.  We had a pretty good thunderstorm early Saturday morning which filled the barrel to overflowing!  The hose you see coming off to the side is the overflow and it runs into a flower bed along the fence.  I have used it everyday since to water all my potted plants that I have on my patio ( project spruce up patio photos will follow soon!) and deck.  This is a trial run with it.  It has a small leak around the spout that my husband plans to fix when it is empty again. Which at the rate I am using it and it is evaporating do to the heat won't be long. 

Just another thing we are trying out in order to save some money :)  Anyone else have a rain barrel???

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