Monday, July 30, 2012

So So Close!

Today I sat down to see how close we are to paying off the car loan.  At last check we were about $3000 short.

 I have been doing several things to try to come up with this extra cash.  So far I have saved $240 from my babysitting money.  Sold Kid #2's old bike for $ 25.  Sold Kid # 5's outgrown clothes just by offering them up cheaply on my facebook page and also utilizing one of the facebook yard sale sites in my area, making $40.

 I have shaved $100 off our grocery budget in the last few weeks.  By doing all of this I have come up with an extra $405 to put towards the car loan.

 Kid # 3 has been making $100 monthly payments to us also since we helped her purchase her car. I added that money to our car repayment.

Our total still owed is now sitting at $2,375.53. 

I plan to post once a week our progress on coming up with this extra money.  I have made a list of several things we have that I want to try to sell.  I am also having a yard sale with my daughter in law and her family so hopefully I can make some money at that too!

I am trying my hardest to have this loan gone by the end of September!  Wish me luck!


  1. This is how it is done, it is called snowflaking!

  2. I know! I am hoping for a giant snowball soon :)Hopefully I will sell a few things this week!