Thursday, September 6, 2012

$5 Light From a Yard Sale

I've been on a roll with getting some much needed projects done lately.  This week I completed several.

A few months a go I found a much prettier over head light at a garage sale then what I had in my craft room originally.  The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was brass.  But I figured for $5 I could go ahead and get it and remedy the brass color.  I bought it right home and gave it a couple coats of brushed nickel spray paint.  Then it sat and sat waiting on my hubby to take down the old light so that I could paint the ceiling around where the new light would go in.  This week my awesome hubby did just that.  After the ceiling was dry he installed the new light for me.  Here it is    
I just love the pretty little bowl shaped shade it has over it.  It is also much much brighter then my old ceiling light!  Not to shabby for $5 at a yard sale huh?
One of these days I will post pics of my craftroom :)
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  1. Love to see someone else scoring light fixtures for spray painting like I have.

    Way to go!!