Friday, November 2, 2012

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1.  Cooked some chicken thigh pieces in the crock pot.  After they were done I skinned, de-boned and shredded them.  Used some of the meat in soup and the rest for a pasta dish.  I got two dinners out them. 

2.  Saved the skin and bones from the chicken pieces added them back to the crock pot with water and made chicken stock.  Froze it when it was done for future use.

3. Sold several times this week and made $20.50.  Best thing is the decluttering of my house :)

4.  Made a list of all the Christmas presents I have bought so far and realized I am halfway done with my shopping.  I will be done by the end of November :)

5. I searched for a coupon online before heading the the fabric store.  Found one for 50% off.


  1. You did great! I love fabric store coupons. I've been addicted to fabric stores lately:) Have so many things in mind...But my shopping hits our budget too, so I'm on a fabric diet for November.

  2. Great job!! :) Never have I ever seen a fabric coupon in Canada... which is why I shop Etsy! ;)

  3. Great job. I am almost done Christmas shopping also and can not wait til its done.