Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Goal Update

I realized recently I had not posted much at all about how I was doing on the goals I made for myself at the beginning of this year.  Here is my list and what I have managed to get accomplished. I haven't got everything done on it but I did accomplish my two main goals!

. Credit Card - Done as of 1/6/12 :)

2. Car payment  - Done as of September 2012 posted about it here

3. Kid # 1's Wedding - Done as of June 15, 2012

4. Kid # 2's Graduation Party - Done as of the end of June 2012

5. Main Floor Bathroom

6. Downstairs Shower

7. Kitchen Floor  - Done as of November 2012 posted about it here

8. 6 month Car Insurance

9. $500 School Fund

10. $500 Dog Fund

11. De clutter -this has been an ongoing thing and I have made over $500 doing it :)

12. Weight Watchers


  1. You did great on your goals. And awesome job on de-cluttering!

    1. Thanks Lena! I guess at least I got half of them done. Hopefully I will do better next year :)

  2. Great job! Do you track yourself regularly? That makes all the difference for me - much more motivating (and honestly, that way I don't forget :-)).

    1. No honestly, this year I did not keep up with the tracking of my goals the way I should have. Maybe next year :)