Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Night Dinner/ Taco Bake

Tonight we ha this Taco Bake, a recipe I found on Pinterest but originally came from the blog I linked to.  This meal was awesome, we had it with a salad.  Every single one of the kids ate it including my 5 yr old nephew.  Kid # 3 even commented about how good it was and she hoped we would be having it again. 

We typically don't have Doritos but we do usually have tortilla chips on hand.  We all agreed it would be equally as good with tortilla chips as a topping.  Every other ingredient I we always have.  I love when I find recipes that everyone loves and that we usually have all the ingredients for!

One of my goals for 2013 is to try a new recipe that I have pinned from Pinterest every week for the year.  I'll try to post about the ones that we really like and that will make it into the family dinner rotation :)


  1. Sounds good! I would love to try a Pinterest recipe at least once a month. I pin tons but rarely cook things that I pin :)

  2. We have tried a very similar recipe and has been a family favorite for a couple years. The only difference is we use 2 lb hamburger meat and instead of Tomato sauce and diced tomatoes our recipe calls for a bottle of Taco sauce.

  3. I have pinned this recipe. It sounds like something we would like as well. I love your idea of trying one pinterest recipe a week. I need to make a plan to do something with all the things I pin too.