Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Today I put 2 gallons of turkey broth in the freezer.  This is what I got out of the leftover carcass from Thanksgiving.  We had been picking the meat off it for a while.  On Sunday I cut the rest of it up and threw it in my two crock pots ( yes I own only 2, maybe one of these days I will be as good as Judy and own many more lol ).  When the broth was done I had just stuck the crocks in the frig.  Today I finished them up.  We will use this later for turkey noodle soup or turkey and noodles.  It will make us several dinners.

While I was in the kitchen I decided to make some pizza soup.  We had homemade pizza last week and I had my husband make a big pot of pizza sauce.  So I put 2 cups of the sauce in the freezer to save for a later time and the rest I made soup with.  I used up some odds and ends that needed to be used up out of the refrigerator.  A green pepper, some leftover pepperonis from the pizza night.  6 leftover sausage links leftover from Sunday family brunch.  My hubby then made some bread sticks to go with the soup and that will be our dinner tonight.

I have slowly been working on my Christmas decorating.  We are done with the outside now I believe.  My husband really does most of the lights for the outside.  He is so sweet about that :).  I did make one new thing this year, a tomato cage tree, which I did have to buy lights for.  I got 2 packages of 50 LED lights which cost about $14 or so.  Hopefully they will last many years.  That was the only purchase I had to make for the project as I had everything else.

We will probably put up our family room tree this weekend.  This is the tree that has all the kids items and ornaments on it.   We also put up a tree in our living room.  We call this one the "mom tree" it has all my pretty things on it :)

OH I almost forgot........I got a job!!!!  I will be a substitute cook in our local school district cafeterias.  I can be called to work at any of the grade schools or Jr high.  It is only a few hours each time and is part time work with no set schedule.  But it could possibly in the future become a full time job with really good hours for me to be available for Kid # 5 who isn't old enough yet to stay home alone.  I will know by 8:30 am or so each day whether I will be called in or not, so I didn't think that was to bad.  At least I won't have to sit around all day waiting to be called.  I can start work as soon as my back ground check comes back which hopefully will be at the end of this week.  This is the first "real" job I have had in 20 years :)  I am excited!

Well that is what has been going on around here today.  I need to go get some sewing done, got scarves to sell :)


  1. Congratulations!!! It sounds like a perfect job especially with having one who is school age at home.

    You are going to be knocking your debt out the windown

    1. Thanks! We have one small bill left then it is only the house. I really hope to have the house paid off in 5 yrs or less. We will see :)

  2. Congrats on the job ! Sounds like it will be a perfect "fit" for your needs.

  3. Of course I would love to see pictures of your trees :) Congraats on your job! You'll like being in the schools!

  4. Yeah for dipping your toe back in the (work) pool! Congrats on a great flexible role. Sounds perfect!

    Ditto the others - I want to see a picture of the tomato cage tree. :-)