Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Savings Challenge Update # 2

Well it turned out after everything was added and subtracted and re figured and all that stuff my hubby the accountant does, we only owed a bit over $1,000.  It also turns out that my hubby had actually made enough doing taxes this year to cover that amount. WOOHOO!!! My month is looking up :)

So lets revisit my goals for the month and see how I am doing.....

1. Increase our ER fund by $226. This will place it right at $2000 and that seems to work for us while we are paying off debt. I am hoping to do this by selling our unwanted items.   So far I have sold $104 of our unwanted and unused items on our local yard sale facebook groups.  I have some other items pending pick up also.  So hopefully if all goes well with those I should easily reach this goal.  But lets not count the chickens and all :)
2. Save for our our dogs rabies shot and tag, 6 months worth of heart worm and flea meds and check up which she will need at the end of May. After I meet goal number 1 I will use any more money I make by selling our stuff to do this. I can't remember exactly what the total for this is so I will have to update this after I look it all up.
*Update: The total I will need for all of this is $187
3. See what I can cut from the grocery budget. I am hoping to cut at least $100 but I just don't know if that is realistic. I will track my spending here on the blog. Any savings I have at the end of the month will go towards the car.   I have purchased most of the groceries for this month.  I need to sit down and add up the receipts.  I believe we are under budget so far but I am not sure exactly how much yet.  I will up date this goal later this week.
4. Make a decision on what to do about the cable/landline/internet/cell phones and see what will save us the most money. Any future savings will be added to the car payment. We have made a decision on this but now we just need to put it in action. 

Not to bad for the middle of the month I don't think.  Lets hope the rest of the month goes as well.


  1. & what did you decide about cable etc?

    1. We are having the cable completely shut off along with the home phone. Kid # 3 and I are upgrading our cell phones to iphones and splitting the bill between us. My husbands phone is now being provided by work so we no longer have to pay for his. We are keeping comcast internet so that we can continue streaming Netflix but do not plan to get any other type of tv. Might purchase a digital anntena. Even without cable we should be able to get the basic channels, abc, nbc, cbs etc. We are not big tv people and are not home enough to really justify paying for it anymore.