Saturday, August 17, 2013

Searl House Happenings August 11-17

What a busy week we have had. 

Kid # 5 started physical therapy for her knee this week.  She is going twice a week now.  The Dr says this should last about 12 weeks.  She has a knee brace instead of a cast and no longer has to walk with her crutches which is nice.

On Monday I had a Dr appointment to get a physical and TB test for work.  I went back on Wednesday to have the TB test read and get blood work done since I am now 40 :)

Wednesday I also drop off my paper work for my "new" job since I am officially hired as a cook in the school district this year.

Thursday I had 4 hours worth of meetings for work.  All the cooks in the district have a new boss this year.  It is a big deal to alot of the cooks who have been here along time.  Not so much to me.  She seems nice and I love the lady I will be working with.

Friday I met with the other lady I will be working with and we cleaned up our kitchen to get it ready for the first day of school on Monday.  That was an all day job!  Lots of cleaning and putting stuff away and computer work.  I really think I will like my job though and I look forward to the extra money.

Today I am taking my dog to a new groomer.  The one we have used the last few years closed up shop.  Hopefully I like this one as well and her prices are comparable :)

I am also trying to get some last minute cleaning and organizing done before school starts.  Hopefully I will get alot accomplished.  This summer went by much to quickly!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. The money is nice but I dread going back to work as I will be so tired. But we can complain to each other!

    1. I am definately tired this week. Not sure whether I am happy about working or not lol :)