Thursday, August 22, 2013

What a week....

This is the first week of school here for everyone.

I started back to work also.  You would know that it has also been quite hot here this week too.  It is nice to be back but it also is taking some adjustment for all.

It seems that the financial hits just keep coming and coming.........

Our homeowners insurance sent us a letter telling us we have until November 11 to do some major repairs to our "large shed" on our property or we will  be cancelled.  The other option is tearing it down.  We use this "large shed" for storage so tearing it down is not an option and would not be a cheaper option really either.  I have never heard of insurance doing this.  We got no warning just a letter in the mail.  We are shopping around for new insurance.  Some of the repairs are not all that expensive and we plan to do but some of them are very expensive and just not in our budget right now. The funny thing is this building is old and really does not look that bad.  It needs a few repairs but the demands the insurance is making are ridiculous for an outbuilding on someones property.

Kid # 3 had a dentist appointment this week.  She needs to have her wisdom teeth pulled :(  This is not covered 100% by our dental insurance.  But is something that will need to be done since she had braces.  We are gonna have to figure out how to work that into the budget.

Thankfully I am back to work now!  My paycheck is going to come in handy!


  1. That stinks about the repairs on the shed. What insurance company do you have?

    1. American Family, we have been with them for 12 years

  2. We got kicked off our homeowners this summer(on three properties) no warning. I was very annoyed about it. It was for petty stuff like trimming branches and peeling on a few windows. They didn't even give us a chance to do work before they kicked us off. Needless to say, we will not ever be returning to Safeco!

    Good to hear you are back to work! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Amber I tried to reply to your post on your blog. I couldn't. We are with American Family and have been for 12 years. Our repairs involve painting also and several other crazy things. So far we are having trouble finding insurance that is comparable in terms of rates. It is a pain and I just can't believe they an do this over a shed!