Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Duvet Cover

A few weeks ago I posted on a 5 Frugal Things Friday post about making Kid # 5 a new duvet cover for her bed.  I of course meant to post pictures of it a few days after that.  Life has a funny way of getting in the way though :)

Anyway here it is

I used a flat zebra print twin sheet I had picked up at Goodwill for alittle over $2 for the front side.  Kid # 5 is all about the zebra print at the moment.

For the back side I used about 2 yards of black fleece I already owned.

To be able to easily take it on and off for washing I used some velcro tabs I already had and sewed them on in 4 different spots.

I think it turned out pretty cute and was very frugal too.  Kid # 5 loves it and I guess that is what really matters :)


  1. Great idea. I just showed it to youngest dd(who is coming out of the zebra phase and into floral's and solids) so we are going to give it a shot. She is so happy not to have to buy a new comforter

  2. Wow, that turned out great!!!! Great job.