Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. Went on a dinner date with my hubby. used coupons and saved us $4.

2. Found the PBS tv show Call The Midwife on Netflix. Watched the first 2 season. Used a service we pay for and got my money's worth for the month :) Anyone watch this series? I love it!

3. Finished decluttering Kid # closet? have a box to donate to Goodwill. Have a few items to give to Kid # 1. Gave some other items away to friends who I know can use them.

4. Utilized items I already owned in the organizing and decluttering of the closet mentioned in #3. I love to find new ways to use thing I already have!

5. I made Kid # 3 a chocolate birthday cake from scratch using pantry items I already had.

*almost forgot my no spend days :)

2-no spend = 7 for March


  1. Hi. I love 'Call The Midwife'. New season on PBS coming up next week. Can't wait.
    Here's my submission for this week:

  2. I have to do my 5. You really started something here. I love love love call the midwife

  3. Thank you ladies! I plan to watch the new season of Call The Midwife! I guess I need to see if I can make a button for us all to use for these 5 Frugal Things posts.....hummm... :)

  4. OH!!! That's it! I couldn't remember the name of the show and I've been scrolling Hulu and Netflix trying to find it! :)

    1. Lol I do that all the time Amy! I love that show!

  5. Hi Melissa!
    I'll have to check that series out. I just finished two seasons of Hart of Dixie on Netflix. Very fun show. I went through two seasons in a I'm looking for a new series.

    Aren't homemade cakes so.much.better than store bought?

    Good for you!