Monday, July 7, 2014

The Grocery Budget

For the last several months I have tried to cut our $400 a month grocery budget.

Ideally I would love to shave $100 off of it a month. 

 For the most part we are now feeding only 3 people on a regularly.  

Occasionally there are 4 of us but not to often.

I am hoping to start posting about some of the cheaper meals we have been eating.  We will see :)  

Over July 4th I made a pasta salad which had about 10 serving to it.  We ate 5 serving on July 4.  I mentioned in my last post about finding pasta on sale at Kroger for 50 cents a box if you buy 6.  I bought 12 and might go back for more :)

Anyway, last night we ate the leftover pasta salad which we had approximately 5 servings of.  We added 1 pound of grilled chicken breast to it.  

Here it is:

Here is the cost break down of the original pasta salad 

Pasta : 75 cents ( I used a box in half)
Carrot : .07 cents ( I used 1 which I shredded)
Green Pepper: 56 cents ( I used 1 diced)
Black Olives: 50 cents ( I used half a can which come whole and I sliced)
Caesar Dressing 85 cents ( I used half a bottle)  = $2.73 or about 27 cents per serving.

5 servings of leftover pasta salad - $1.35 + chicken breast I bought for $1.35/ a LB = $2.70 for dinner :)

*Note: For the pasta salad I used things I had on hand and other then the pasta which I bought at Kroger every thing else was purchased at Aldi

Chicken Breast - I posted about this deal here and I got it at GFS.


  1. Sounds delicious! And this pasta deal is awesome! I always wait for this sale at my local Smiths (Kroger) and stock up!!

  2. We made pasta salad on 4th too! It lasted for several meals. We will be down to 3 once my daughter goes away to school. I'm hoping to get my groceries down to $500. Perhaps I should try to go lower? :)!