Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Car Repairs, Baby Steps And The New Year

We had an unexpected car repair come up this week to the tune of about $550.  Today I am so thankful for the emergency fund we have been working on.  Although it sucks having to use that money to pay for a car repair at least I don't feel stressed about it.  We have the cash to pay for it and I am not worried about how it will get fixed and having to put it on credit.

Our emergency fund sits at about 3 months living expenses ( a little less now).  We are planning to save 6 month worth of expenses.  I posted recently that this is a goal of mine to get finish in 2016.  I am actually hoping to complete it by June 2016 or sooner.  As I reflect on what worked this year and what didn't I realize that we really need to up our game for sinking funds.  I recently sat down and went through the calendar for the year and wrote down every single thing that comes up on the calendar that we don't really prepare well for.  A couple of examples of that would be family birthday's, car registration, holiday meals and parties etc. I am hoping by making this list I can include these things better in our monthly budgets.  Also this will allow me to plan ahead for some of these things and watch for sales where that may apply.

Does anyone else have any goals for the New Year?

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