Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10 Things We Have Purchased To Save Us Money

A few months ago some of my favorite YouTube Vloggers did some videos on "10 Things They Purchased In Order To Save Money". I loved these videos and watching all of them. I am not a vlogger but I do have this here ole blog so I thought I would use it to play along :)

Here goes: 

1. We own 3 of these box fans and 3 other types of fans. These help keep it cooler in our house and help prolong the use of our air conditioning. Which in turn helps keep our cooling costs down

2. Several years go when our toaster died we decided to purchase a toaster oven instead. Ours fits and 8x8 pan, a small cookie sheet which came with it and a bread pan. So not only have I made toast with it but I used it often in place of our oven. This keeps our kitchen cooler in the warm months. It also saves us from heating up the big oven when it really isn't needed.

3. These are our coffee makers. One is just a regular one. The other is a fancy machine my husband found last summer at a yard sale for $10. Turns out it is an expensive machine that cost over $200 new. He loves fancy coffee so this machine has easily paid for itself by keeping him out of Starbucks. ( We are in the process of turning our " wet bar area" into the " coffee bar" instead. More on that and the new house to come)

4. I bought this big drying rack at Costco before we moved. I have used it like crazy since we have been in the new house since I don't have a clothes line here. I also own 3 other smaller racks and this hanging rack too. I love them. These help me keep from using the dryer as much which keeps our house cooler and our electric/gas bills down. 


5. Until about a 7 months ago my husband was commuting 3 hrs a day, 5 days a week for work. Buying our Prius was a godsend as far as savings on gas. Before we bought it we were spending our house payment in gas. It is really a nice car and we enjoy having it.

6. I didn't really purchase this item but I did ask for it as a Christmas gift from my parents. I use this Rice Cooker at least once a week, sometimes more. It ís easy to use and makes my dinner prep so easy.

7.  The Roku is one of the best and most used purchases that save us money we gave made! I actually just purchased another one for our second TV. We use this device to watch tv every single day. Plus I use it to watch the YouTube Vloggers I love too :)  Sorry the pic is not the best but hey it works :)

8. This is my sewing machine. I use it all the time. I make gifts and household items with it. It was well worth the money spent!


Our Amazon Prime membership. I hate to go shopping and this keeps me from buying other items. We get free shipping on most items. Many times we will pick the slower shipping so we can get $1 promotional credits to use for movie rentals. We also use it for some of our tv viewing that isn't found on Netflix. We definitely get our money's worth out of it.


My IPad. My husband purchased this for me as a 40th birthday present. I use this item for many many different things to save money. I research prices and the best places to purchase things. I use it to watch tv sometimes. I read blogs and other free things on it. I use it to run Perktv and Swagbucks Videos to earn gift cards. I write my own blog on it. 
So there you have it my 10 items :)

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