Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Goals

I really only have one major goal this year.

Complete our fully funded emergency fund and stay out of debt.

Ok I guess that is 2 goals.  Seems like those would be easy huh? 

Lets hope so.

 My plan is to write here more and document my frugal living more often here also.

It seems that a lot of my favorite blogs stop writing once they get out of debt. But I think it is equally as hard to save money and stay out of debt. So I hope to continue to document my journey through this process.

Here's to completing our goals in 2016


  1. Wonderful goals! And I agree about the blogging... I started way back when I was in debt but have managed to keep it up and just add in general life stuff as well! I think you'll do great!!

  2. We've been debt free for awhile but can never make progress on Baby Step 3 so this is one of my big goals for 2016 now that I've had six months at the new job. Alissa W.

  3. We have the same goal for 2016.., same thing, out of debt for a few years, cash flowing tons of stuff. We have the six months EF but going any further has been harder than getting out of creep was real last year for sure! Frugalwoods is a good blog.