Saturday, May 20, 2017

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. It was pretty warm here at the beginning of the week. We did not turn on our A/C like many people did. We kept the house closed up while we were gone to work and opened windows and used fans at night. 

2.  We found Kid# 5 a dress to wear for her 8th grade celebration/dance at Goodwill for $6.36. 

3. I ran the dish washer when full and instead of using the heated dry function, I opened the door and let the dishes air dry before putting them away. 

4. I am giving Kid# 3 a baby shower in a few weeks. I used some craft supplies I already had to create table center pieces for the shower. I am trying to give a shower on a small budget. I hope to post about it later on :) 

5. The family I Nanny for are planning to move and have been cleaning out their basement. Kid # 3 is also moving and is in need of a table and chairs. My job had one to get rid of. I asked about it and they gave it to me for free :) They have been so awesome to me! Plus I do love FREE! 

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