Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WOW It's May Already!

Well Hello! I sure had not planned to take this long of break from this ole' blog! I can't believe it is mid May already!

I posted here about starting a part time Nanny job in November.  I am still at my job and I still love it.  I love the family I work for and the hours and perks to the job are just perfect for our family!  I really believe this is my dream job!

Kid#5 had 8 days of school left for the year and she will be going to high school.  It is hard to believe that she is old enough to be doing this!

In a few days we have officially been in our new house/town for 2 yrs.  The first year was rough and I was not loving it.  This second year has been much better.  We are slowly making the house our own and I hope to post some of the projects we have completed soon!

Let see, on the frugal, working the Dave Ramsey Babysteps front, I also posted here that we had completed Babystep 3.  We are now working on saving for a new to us car.  For a while we were going gazelle with that because we though we might be getting transferred with my husband work again. However we recently found out that is not the case so we will now be concentrating on saving for a new to us car and paying extra on our house or Babystep 6.

Our goal with Babystep 6 is to pay off our house in 8 years or less.  My husband will be able to retire at this point and we of course would like to do that with no mortgage left.  I hope to update more regularly on how this is working!

This is pretty much has been happening here in a nutshell!  I look forward to hopefully updating here more :)


  1. Good for you. SO happy to hear from you so soon. Isn't it great to have a job you love.

  2. I love hearing how others are doing with the plan. Congrats on your progress.

    1. Thank you! It is definitely a slow process but totally worth it!