Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Things for 2012

I have thought long and hard in the last month about what I would like to accomplish in 2012.  My two main goals for the year are to pay off our credit card debit for good and our car payment.  Those two things would put us debt free except our house.  But there are also other things I that I know I would like to accomplish this years also.  So here is my list.  Most of it is money related.  The last two items are personal but could also help cut expenses.  I plan to write some posts elaborating more on each goal at a later time and as I figure out how to best accomplish them.  Last year I had many more family/personal goals then I do this year but I found I had a hard time keeping up with some of them.  I also found that several of them are just things that I am always going to do so they are now more habit and don't need to be a goal anymore.  So this year I tried to keep my list more manageable and simple.

1. Credit Card - Done as of 1/6/12 :)

2. Car payment

3. Kid # 1's Wedding

4.  Kid # 2's Graduation Party

5. Main Floor Bathroom

6. Downstairs Shower

7. Kitchen Floor

8. 6 month Car Insurance

9. $500 School Fund

10. $500 Dog Fund

11. De clutter

12. Weight Watchers


  1. Sounds like a great list! I pay my car insurance 6 months at a time to and its so nice not to worry about it for those 5 months