Friday, January 13, 2012

A Couple of Gifts I Made For Christmas

I saw these family trees on Sutton Grace.  I really enjoy this blog and knew eventually I would like to make some of these trees.  This year for Christmas presents I made 3.  One for my Mom, Grandma and Parent in laws.  I did mine little differently and had Kid # 3 help me print out 4 sections that I then taped together to trace my tree, so that I then didn't have the expense of going to a copy shop.  I also just did immediate family members for each tree.  For my Moms, I did each of my sisters and their families and my step brother.  My Grandma's I included, my mom and our whole family and each of her sisters and their families.  The same with my Parent in laws, my family, my sister in laws family and brother in laws families.  I included extra leaves so as each of the families grow new members can be added.  I also tried to match colors that I new each recipient would like.

Here they are!

I used coupons at Hobby Lobby and bought all the items over  time to get the best price on everything.  Total for each tree was less then $18.00.  Everyone loved them!  Someday when my family is bigger I plan to make one for myself :)


  1. What a wonderful idea. Did you design the tree or get it from the blog you mentioned

  2. Thank you so much!

    Judy- yes I found the tree design at the blog I mentioned and also the leaves too! It is a wonderful blog!