Monday, May 5, 2014


Last week I sat down and made Kid # 3 and # 5 each a skirt.

I have many craft supplies that I have bought and not followed threw on making. 

This is going to be my year of changing that! 

Anyway here are the skirts :)

This one is Kid #3's.  The waist is made from an old white tshirt.  The striped part is from some material I had in my stash.  I read several tutorials on Pinterest to figure this out but didn't really follow any one.  It turned out cute I think 

The next one is Kid # 5's and she loves it.  She has already worn it to school one day. I even got her to model it for me :)

Orginally I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest.  However I didn't measure correctly and ended up modifying it to correct my mistake.  It still turned out pretty cute and Kid # 5 really likes it which is what matters :)

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