Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Frugal Things I Did This Week

1. I made Kid # 5 a " Dairy Queen" ice cream cake myself for about $6 vs buying one for her birthday this week 

2. We are having our finish basement shower rebuilt because it leaks. I paid cash for this project :)

3. Watered the few plants I have managed to get planted so far with water from my rain barrel

4. We ate our leftovers

5. I have been drinking smoothies for breakfast using up fruit and some spinach that might otherwise have been thrown away


  1. I love your frugal things posts. Could you share the ice cream cake recipe that you used? We love Dairy Queen cakes and I would love to make one of my own!

  2. What? No pictures of the cake? :)

  3. I promise to post a picture along with the recipe this weekend ladies. Her birthday is actually today!