Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Ready For The Week Ahead

This morning we had pancakes for "Sunday Family Brunch".  My husband made the pancakes and while he was making them I asked him to double up the batch so that there would be extra for the freezer.  By doing this it saves us money and allows us to have breakfasts on hand for busy school mornings.  Two weeks ago I did the same with waffles, which the kids are still eating.

On Sunday's I like to try to get somethings done that will help make our week run more smoothly. The extra breakfast items is just one of them.  I also try to plan out my menu for the week and do an inventory of the continents of the kitchen. I usually do this after I glance at the calendar I keep on my computer and have made note of any particularly busy days.  On those days I try to plan a meal using the crock pot or some other quick easy meal.  I also like to make sure the kitchen is cleaned on Sunday that way it starts the week off looking nice.

 I usually try to look over the lunch menu for kid #5 so that I know what days she will need a sack lunch.  We also try to get all of the laundry put away and lay out kid # 5's clothes based on what the weather is suppose to be like for the week.

Just by doing these few things it can really help my week run a lot nicer and be less stressful.  This also allows me to plan what projects I might want to accomplish during the week  :)

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